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    MEplusYOU Agency (formerly imc²) is an integrated marketing agency for the digitally connected world. We inspire authentic connections between brands and people through digital, social and mobile innovations. Since 1995, we’ve pioneered this space and learned alongside trusted brands such as Procter & Gamble, The Coca Cola Company, Burt's Bees, Louisville Slugger and Samsung.

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    Technology Spa is a marketing technology infrastructure company that specializes in providing content logistics. The company helps its clients navigate the complexities of current and emerging marketing technology operations with the purpose of providing peace of mind.

  • Welcome to the Relationship Era

    We have launched a new era of marketing: the Relationship Era.

    The most successful companies do not manipulate people into purchasing goods and services. That is a remnant. Relationship Era marketers do not see purchasers as conquests to seduce, or even persuade.

    They see them as members—members of a community dedicated not only to the same stuff, but also to the same ideals. Nor is the community confined to customers and prospects any more than the world itself is confined to customers and prospects.

    In the Relationship Era, your essence is transmitted in your relationships with all stakeholders: clients, employees, partners, society and the environment.

    The currency of the Relationship Era is not awareness; it is belief. Trust. Loyalty. Pride.

    Across every function of an enterprise, corporations and their brands now can and must behave with their various constituencies in ways exactly parallel to human relationships.

    We are Agencies of Change.

  • Create value

    Among our family of agencies, we consciously seek to create value for our interdependent stakeholders—clients, employees, partners, society and environment.

    we consciously seek to create value for our interdependent stakeholders

    One example of this principle in action is the Agencies of Change Foundation, in which we direct 1% of our profits to grow our pro bono portfolio, corporate giving and other social investments.

    The Agencies of Change Foundation is behind our biannual Weekend of Love project, our largest pro bono and community volunteering commitment, in which our staff uses their skills to develop work to serve select nonprofits.

    Since 2009, WOL has delivered more than $2 million in purpose-inspired work in support of nearly two dozen exceptional nonprofits.

    Learn about our commitments, performance and evolving mindset by reading the agency’s annual Positive Impact Reports:

  • Leadership

    Doug Levy
      Evelyn Henry Miller
      Mark McKinney
    Principal & CSO
      Marc Blumberg
    Partner, MEplusYOU
      Heath Wade
    VP, People
      Bonnie Sayers
    SVP, General Manager
    Rahul Purini
    Principal & SVP, Operations
      Bryan Bradley
    SVP, Partners & Alliances
    • Doug Levy CEO

      CEO and founder of Agencies of Change and author of Can't Buy Me Like, Doug Levy believes authentic relationships fuel the most astonishing brands.

      Doug and his company are helping their clients build stronger customer relationships and outperform competitors.

      Agencies of Change, which includes MEplusYOU and Technology Spa, plays a central role in driving results for some of the world’s most successful marketers.

      With offices in Dallas and New York, the client portfolio of Agencies of Change spans many industries and includes companies such as Procter & Gamble, RadioShack, Louisville Slugger, Samsung, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Bayer, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

      Doug is an avid learner and passionate leader with a particular interest in the evolution of business and marketing. He is a leader in the growing Conscious Capitalism movement and is an active member of the Board of Conscious Capitalism.

      Doug is a summa cum laude graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He lives in Dallas and enjoys spending time with his two daughters and co-leading a cycling team with his wife that has raised nearly $2 million for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

      Follow Doug on Twitter.

    • Evelyn Henry Miller CFO

      Evelyn Henry Miller practices yoga and meditation, tosses back daily shots of wheatgrass, loves to dance and eats a mostly raw or vegetarian diet. Oh, and she’s also a highly respected CFO with experience in the newspaper, technology and telecommunications industries. (Not exactly the straight-laced number cruncher you expected, huh?)

      Stereotypes aside, Evelyn knows her stuff. And more than 20 years in the world of finance has taught her the importance of balance. Aligning strategic and financial objectives with current and anticipated business requirements, Evelyn helps keep finances in line for the agency. As our strategic business advisor, she’s leading our evolution and growth from a financial perspective as we scale our business. Her experience in the media world helps us stay on top of trends and recognize opportunities for expansion and profitability.

      Evelyn was named 2012’s Outstanding CFO, Midsize Public Company, by D Magazine, and also serves on the board of directors for many charitable and educational organizations, including the Foundation for the Education of Young Women and the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. And her love for balance helps her keep a keen eye on all of these responsibilities without losing sight of what she considers most important—her husband and daughter.

      Connect with Evelyn on LinkedIn.

    • Mark McKinney Principal & Chief Strategy Officer

      Sure, you don't have to have a Ph.D. in psychology to do well in the marketing industry, but as Mark has proven over and over—it definitely doesn't hurt. Especially if you want to help brands completely rethink their approach to connecting with people and breathe new life into the industry.

      With a Ph.D. in psychology and a profound love of great, sometimes quirky and always soulful music, Mark is uniquely suited to his role as a principal and chief strategy officer. One part scientist relentlessly experimenting and learning from his studies and observations, and two parts creative genius, crafting inventive solutions for challenges big and small, Mark is always thinking, working and playing with the idea that you can make something better—better for people and better for brands. And he uses his decades of experience to lead our strategy team in creating win-win solutions for clients and their consumers, including Procter & Gamble, Dannon, EMD Serono, and Booz Allen Hamilton, amongst others.

      When not leaping tall buildings and keeping the world safe for marketing, you can find Mark at the keyboard where he has authored more than 100 published articles in the scientific and lay press, as well as book chapters on the effects of stress on health.

      Connect with Mark on LinkedIn.

    • Marc Blumberg Partner, MEplusYOU

      The world of marketing is changing fast—and, chances are, if Marc isn't already thinking, writing and talking about the next big thing in the industry, he's using it to help achieve results for clients. Marc has an unrivaled understanding of the challenges and demands of the ever-evolving marketing stratosphere, partnering with industry executives and leaders to drive business results through the agency’s client work.

      Marc is part analytical engineer and part creative freethinker. His uncanny ability to spot true trends and avoid the shiny objects, combined with the capacity to marry right- and left-brain thinking, make Marc the perfect person to lead an agency of strategists, creatives, technologists and other marketing professionals. Over the years, he’s built and fielded teams that consistently create extraordinary work for our clients, including Procter & Gamble, Pizza Hut, The Coca-Cola Company, RadioShack and Omni Hotels.

      With this many talents, it’s not surprising that Marc has spent his professional career consulting with Fortune 500 companies. In fact, before helping found imc², now MEplusYOU, Marc was a strategy consultant for Gemini Consulting's MAC Group and for the New England Consulting Group.

      Connect with Marc on LinkedIn.

    • Heath Wade VP, People

      From recognizing a talented information architect, to spotting the undiscovered creative genius, to rallying behind a cool, yet little-known band, Heath knows greatness when he sees it. Which is why he’s made a career out of finding talent in unexpected places.

      As our vice president of people, Heath is in charge of employee relations, benefits administration, recruiting and performance management, but he views those responsibilities as a means to further his passion: bridging gaps between people, helping foster a uniquely engaging culture and having fun while helping others have fun, too. As the embodiment of our culture and a true partner of our organization, Heath constantly demonstrates his commitment to continuous improvement and nurturing the career growth of all of our employees.

      With a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of North Texas, Heath is known around the office for his hilarious, bone-dry sense of humor, laid-back approachability and fanatic love of baseball. While he admits his interest in bands sometimes wanes when they make it big, he never tires of seeing a talent grow into a profession and a job become a career.

      Connect with Heath on LinkedIn.

    • Bonnie Sayers SVP, General Manager

      As a 20-year Special Olympics volunteer and former teacher of special needs kids, Bonnie doesn’t just say she wants to change the world. She actually does it. And she invests that same heart and passion into her clients’ businesses, so you don’t just get a seasoned healthcare expert, you get someone who truly cares.

      As our senior vice president and general manager, Bonnie brings expertise in the health and wellness space to all disciplines. She applies her more than 17 years of health and wellness industry experience to ensure strategies are on target with client business objectives.

      And her knack for fostering personal relationships has allowed her to successfully manage both interdepartmental and client relations, creating best-in-class programs in the U.S. and globally in more than 10 countries, including strategic initiatives for the American Diabetes Association, Shire, Pfizer, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and many others.

      Bonnie graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing from the University of North Texas, earned her Texas State Board for Educators Certification from Texas A&M University and made a difference in hundreds of special kids' lives. But of all the accomplishments in her life, she’s most proud of her two children, Blair and Beckham.

      Connect with Bonnie on LinkedIn.

    • Rahul Purini Principal & SVP, Operations

      Give most technology guys a task and they ask themselves, “How can I build this?” Give Rahul a task and he’ll ask himself, “How can I build this better?” That’s because for Rahul, technology is not only a platform for enabling engagement and the operations behind it, but it is also a canvas for creating better experiences.

      Rahul leads the operations team and brings a rare, but refreshing, creative bent to his approach—creating a truly digital/human connection that differentiates our technology and project management groups. With experience working alongside some of the biggest marketers and technology leaders in the world, Rahul has uncommon insight into the role that technology plays in helping connect brands and people.

      His almost encyclopedic knowledge and passion of how brands can leverage technology to open up the world in ways that weren’t possible previously is positively infectious. Just ask Omni Hotels, The Coca-Cola Company, USA Hockey, the American Diabetes Association, Sharp, Samsung, Procter & Gamble and Freeman Companies.

      When he’s not rendering the popular assumptions about the firewalls between strategy, creative and technology roles being irrelevant, Rahul loves spending time with his wife, Sri and watching reality cooking shows.

      Connect with Rahul on LinkedIn.

    • Bryan Bradley SVP, Partners & Alliances

      Tons of people like to say they “specialize in everything,” but few actually do. Bryan, however, somehow pulls this off flawlessly. Not only does he manage equilibria™, our partner network of best-in-class leaders, he also oversees our trend teams, education programs and the agency’s internal technical applications and infrastructure.

      As our SVP of partners & alliances, Bryan uses his intimate knowledge of the technical marketing landscape to identify the trends that will drive future needs. As the leader of equilibria, Bryan identifies partners and forges alliances that provide the greatest impact and value for our clients. And with his deep expertise in the technical aspects of engagement, Bryan also works to develop and maintain agency skills and efficiencies, contribute to strategic development and improve our internal processes and capabilities. Honestly, we’re exhausted just listing all of his abilities, but it’s simply all in a day’s work for Bryan, who has earned the respect of Fortune 500 companies and clients alike.

      And his bona fides don’t even stop there. Bryan’s platform, development tools, methodologies and systems knowledge are also equally as impressive. Whether it’s iterative waterfall, win-win spiral or mainframes, n-tier client-server Internet architectures, or databases, protocols, platforms or even infrastructure issues, Bryan specializes in…well…all of it.

      Connect with Bryan on LinkedIn.

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